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Nelson Mandela


By chance, I happened to be in South Africa when he was released and this song was in my head at the time.

He managed to almost single-handedly prevent the mother of all civil wars.

Asimbonanga again.
Frazier Cranium

Rest In Peace, Nelson, a true leader of men amongst so many pretenders.  I hope to God that his country and the world doesn't regress in to more carnage now that he's gone.

Rolihlahla - what an ace middle name!

Used to have that Johnny Clegg album. Some ace tracks on it.

Hope things don't kick off now in South Africa.

fartcatcher wrote:
Used to have that Johnny Clegg album. Some ace tracks on it.

Hope things don't kick off now in South Africa.

I think it's a toss up between the one above and "Scatterlings of Africa" for me:-

Late Doors

I'm Criminally ignorant of what he's done or what he is really. He's become a byword for anti racism and freedom and been the key man or figurehead in the country's change of regime. That I get but you don't do all that on your own. There must be a massive organisation behind him whom I cynically suspect have used him for their own usurping ambitions. I understand that if you are white middle class and working in SA and you then lose your job its game over. SA's have told me that. I just hope one set of cu next tuesdays haven't been replaced by another.

What I do love about Mandella are some of his speeches and quotes. The one about not being born to hate, you learn to hate and therefore can learn to love is astounding. A life less ordinary indeed.
Late Doors

And listening to assorted people haters all over the world clambering to get their credibility raised is sickening. A light of the world has gone out says Cameron. Jeez get a new script writer ffs
Nyles O Cranium

Dearest Tata,

There is much I want to say to you, and regret I will no longer have the chance. Having said that, I feel privileged to have known you, and to have benefited from your wisdom and example.

You taught me lessons of leadership, humility, generosity, courage and integrity. To say that you inspired me and my generation, would be an understatement.

My career would not have been possible but for you. The chance of playing at the highest level in football outside of South Africa did not exist before your release from prison. When times were tough in my early days in Leeds, away from South Africa, I drew motivation from your courage and tenacity. When captaining teams, whether Bafana Bafana or Leeds United, you were my role model for leadership. Your ability to bring people together for a common cause, despite their differences, was a great gift.

I think I speak for every player who pulled on a Bafana Bafana, Springbok or Protea jersey, and any other South African sportsperson, when I say that we never ever played just for ourselves or even our country. We played for you and the special ideals that you stood for. You taught me how sport could be an indomitable force for social change, and how it could impact individuals, communities and nations.

I was so proud to welcome you to Leeds, my home away from home, and I know the pride you felt in my accomplishments. It was so humbling. You will never know how much that visit meant to Feziwe and me. It was a day that will forever be etched in my mind. I always felt special that you had your own name for me, Mthimkhulu.

I know children were at the heart of your philanthropic vision and I promise to continue working in your image to motivate, help and galvanize South Africa’s next generation. Part of your legacy is that so many of us are stirred to carry the torch.

The sports history books in South Africa will show statistics and victories. What they won’t show, however, was that it was Madiba Magic that forged those results and performances; and united a country and its people along the way. No doubt, that Madiba Magic will live on. Thank you Tata.

Much love,

Lucas Radebe

Another classy South African role model.

I'd say Lucas is probably one of the finest gentleman to have graced the game of football in recent years. Just shows what a fine role model can do for a person.

Bollocks to probably, definitely is a better word.

I missed this. When did that happen?

carp wrote:
I missed this. When did that happen?

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