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My friend William

Great young lad who used to work the summers with me playing bass in a band, signed to Island. Girl has quite a voice Mr Wives
Late Doors

Nice, listened to a couple of other tracks as well , Reflections started good but got a bit dull for me. Like Lullaby better.

Agree. I like the one I posted but I think Reflections is a clear shot at the pop music $. I think they'll make it. Commercial. The lad's having a lot of fun on the road and stays in touch which is nice. Given I'm 20 odd years older than him I was touched that the first person outside his family he let know they'd signed to Island was me. I enjoy his texts from across the country.

Ooh. Grind definitely likey - hope they do well.

* Better than Mr. Mister anyway. *

Not strictly connected, but this came up after playing some of the links from yours:-;index=7&list=RDHU6ST8pmRD8 Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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