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My Bass and Other Animals

Autobiography of Guy Pratt. Who? I hear you say. Well he's been a top session bassist for twenty-five years after starting off in Icehouse (anyone remember them?). Has previous with Robert Palmer, Bowie, Brian Ferry and most recently Pink Floyd.

He's the son of Mike Pratt, the live half of Randall and Hopkirk (deceased), and also co-writer of many of Tommy Steele's greatest hits - including Little White Bull. Hard to forgive someone for that, but we must do our best.

Had a reputation in the music biz as a raconteur and eventually took a one man show to Edinburgh. The book's a mildly entertaining and undemanding read and he comes across as easy going, and largely ego free.

In 1987 he replaced Roger Waters as bassist in Pink Floyd's live shows, eventually becoming a full time member of the band and marrying Richard Wright's daughter.
If she had followed the current fashion for tagging on surnames she'd be called Gala Wright Pratt.

If you want to hear him playing, listen to 'Like a Prayer'. He's pretty damn good. Obviously influenced by Bernard Edwards.

Sounds great FC. Ta for posting Re: Bernard Edwards, I got the Nile Rodgers autobiography for Crimble. Will report back when I have read it. I think I would read this, especially with the Pink Floyd bit in it.

PS Wish she had changed her name. Comedy gold that. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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