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North Country Boy

My Autobiography - A.P. McCoy (MCR)

As jump jockeys go he's pretty good. Ok, bit of an understatement there. As jump jockeys go he is the greatest there has ever been. The greats before him like Peter Scudamore and Richard Dunwoody were also horsemen of stature but this non-smoking non-drinking lad broke the mould. As well as moulds, he also broke numerous vertebrae, legs, arms, collar bone and well er, most parts of the body that can be fucked up from either falling from or getting landed on by a horse that can be broken. Records as well. He thrives on breaking those and this season he should (will) achieve his 4000th winner in jump racing.

His story takes us from his upbringing in Co.Antrim during the turbulent 70's and 80's through to success that has never been equalled by anybody else in the game. Its a great read and offers insight into the craft of riding at the top level and the training of horses and discipline needed by jocks to succeed. most of us who have seen McCoy in the flesh or on the telly will think of the straight faced professional but on reading the book a different more wry pisstaking McCoy emerges. A good book that was more of a page turner for me personally than many racing autobiographies.


"Horsemen of stature."

Heh, heh.

Winner of the most accurately titled book of 2013.

And has been duly short-listed for a prize, no doubt.

His shirt indicates a poor taste in beer
North Country Boy

fartcatcher wrote:
His shirt indicates a poor taste in beer

John Smiths have pulled out of sponsoring the Grand National so that wont be on any jockeys silks from next year. Having lived in Taddy I know what John Smiths should taste like and the foamy swill that they call 'smooth' is a shit product that racing could do without being associated with. Long live real ales! Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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