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Music Quiz (sort of)

Name the following bands given one word from three of their album titles

1. Yoshimi Taste Ambulance
2. Ruin Subterranean Russia
3. Chinese Appetite Illusion
4. Creatures Hotter Unmasked
5. Blue Mermaid Foxtrot
7. 6. Permanent Attic Ruts
8. 21st Idiot Bible
9. Buildings Fear Tongues
10. Little Surfer Sounds
11. Holy Graffiti Door
12. Thief Bends Computer
13. Boys Kiss Pornography
14. Viva Rush Xyloto
15. Definitely Morning Giants
Some Beggars Sticky

2 out of 2 Clacks plus a bonus point.

I know 14, but I'm not owning up to it.

12 Radiohead

16 Rolling Stones

I think there are a few left I think I know, but can't be sure (e.g. only knowing two albums), so I'll leave 'em to someone else.

8 Green Day
1 Flaming Lips
13 The Cure
10 Pixies

correct with 12. I think we will forgive you for 14 as well.

2. Ramones

Road to Ruin
Subterranean Jungle
Russia to Russia

Heyho Lets Go

1. Yoshimi Taste Ambulance - Flaming Lips
2. Ruin Subterranean Russia - Ramones
3. Chinese Appetite Illusion - Guns 'n' Roses
4. Creatures Hotter Unmasked - Kiss
5. Blue Mermaid Foxtrot - Wilco
7. 6. Permanent Attic Ruts - Aerosmith
8. 21st Idiot Bible - Green Day
9. Buildings Fear Tongues - Talking Heads
10. Little Surfer Sounds - Beach Boys
11. Holy Graffiti Door - Led Zeppelin
12. Thief Bends Computer - Radiohead
13. Boys Kiss Pornography - The Cure
14. Viva Rush Xyloto - Coldplay
15. Definitely Morning Giants - Oasis
Some Beggars Sticky - Rolling Stones

Congratulations to Forest who wins a Desmond Dekker workmate and as runner up Grind gets a Flymo nose hair trimmer.

* Breaks nose again. * Forum Index -> Quiz bit
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