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Late Doors

Moon Duo. Hebden Bridge Trades

Shaun came across this band at last year's green man fest and they have become a team favourite. Always great to get a trip to Hebden Bridge in. Lovely little town full if interest and charm and not in a twee way. The trades club is brilliant. Good beer  well run, value and a string of great acts throughout the year, what's not to like?

Actually caught the support band and glad we did, they were excellent. A drummer, banging out solid rhythms with vigour and a guitarist come gizmo fiddler with loops and effects creating a swirling cloud of sound. Very Manchester influenced i thought. New order a bit of single note simple guitar riffs alla The Fall, Chemical Bros beats and samples with a layer of my bloody valentine. Bloody ace i thought. Called Warm Digits.

Actually a trio, moon duo took the stage twenty minutes later and launched into their psychedelic wig outs complete with kaleidoscope 60s moving back drop. Lead man on spacey guitar and reverbed soft vocals was indecipherable but quite hypnotic. Not a patch on wooden shjipts but in the same ball park. The sound had a rolling mesmeric quality, think silver machine by hawkwind who the band are clearly influenced by as i suppose are all the latest breed of psychodelia bands, right down to the straggly hobo hair and beard.

Occasionally they break into something a little more fragmented which helps break the overall gig sound into something more textured but somewhere along the line they lost me a little. Maybe a little more patter, some humour maybe, just a bit more warmth. Still an enjoyable sound but not quite reaching the heights.

Found this by the Warm Digits

Plastic Man

I enjoyed that. The Warm Digits did seem to be missing something - a sort of White Stripes "lite" (lacking the vocals), or Public Service Broadcasting "lite" (lacking the accompanying film).

Moon Duo were quite hypnotic, with a much fuller, rounder sound. Given that the lass's fingers barely moved, I assume that most of the noise was pre-programmed. Though that didn't do OMD any harm.
Late Doors

Cheers, thanks for giving it a go. Turns out the keyboad player and drummer from Moon Duo were also in Wooden Shjps. The clip doesnt do Warm Digits justice, they sounded a lot fuller when in front of you
Late Doors

Went to see this lot in Hebden Bridge again last week only this time we thought we'd combine it with a mission of mercy. Si and i went over on the train in the afternoon to help a few struggling businesses get back on their feet after the floods. Its the least we cou!d do and yeah it was a toil and a bind for us but we just gritted our teeth and  got on with it. You have to dont you and when we see businesses struggling like this its just our inherent altruistic duty to step up and help.

We must have helped six or seven out, some more than others and by the time the other lads arrived we were showing signs of fatigue but still we strove on spreading charity, asking for no reward or recognition. We were just content in our satisfaction knowing we'd done our bit and the Fox and Goose, Hare and Hounds, The Old Gate, Drink?, The Railway, Stubbings Wharf, a couple of others later on that i cant remember and a splendid Greek place called Aya Sophia all benefited from our selfless support. Not to mention the Trades Club itself where a couple more donations heralded the band.
What can I say? All that arduous charity work somewhat numbed the senses but these are the perfect band for that. A rolling rumbustious psychedelic drone of rock drums, keyboards and decorative electric gutar puncturing through with melodic seasoning. Ace day out and i beleive there is talk of a couple of statues in the town for us. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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