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They were never going to find anyone gainfully employed who was willing to risk their ability to pay their mortgage on working for Cellino.

Bearing that in mind, I think Monk is as probably as good as we are likely to get. Limited managerial experience, but at least he knows what's needed to get promoted from the lower echelons.

On an interesting but barely relevant note. Both Tom Lees and Aidy White have had decent seasons this year.  

Totally agree with you FC. Let's now see what investment is given to him because pure managerial skill will not be good enough to get that into the top 6.

I notice a few 'fans' already kivking off about the appointment. Well grow up and let's give the lad a chance.

It's a surprisingly encouraging development but, as been's said, a decent coach alone will not turn this oil tanker around. Presumably he's done some homework on our bloated squad of shit players and has plans in mind. It should retain our young talent for now.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Good appointment - can't believe some of the divvs and anti-Massimo fundamentalists who are slagging the Monk and slagging the club because they hate Massimo

A year after the death of the Bradford Monk we now have the Leeds Monk

Late Doors

In all the excitement and sadness ive takem my eye off teh LUFC Ball. Owt happening ?

We've signed a swede

fartcatcher wrote:
We've signed a swede

I've just sown some in my allotment. Forum Index -> Leeds
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