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MK away

My third trip to MK. It's easy to get to from the land that time forgot via the M1 bypass (the A5).
Both previous visits have been interesting. First time i was sat at the MK end and inadvertently 'outed' myself when Mikalic sent an attempted clearance into orbit. We lost 3-1.
Second time I met MG and his mate and we nicked the match injury time. Header from Snodgrass, cross by Howson. This more than made up for the gratuitous parking ticket handed out because I had a LUFC sticker on the back window.
I don't really know where to start. 100 minutes of comedy? It will be on Dave in a couple of years.

It was a really exciting game to watch, but the excitement was born from the error strewn performance on behalf of both teams, rather than the quality of the football.

For the first half hour they ran us off the park. They had lots of 'little guys who run fast' who made our defenders look ponderous. their right back ran through the defence twice ffs. Wootton in particular struggled. They had some good short corner routines and tbh he didn't have a fucking clue who he was supposed to mark. We have serviceable RB in Berardi.

Luckily their finishing was appalling and Sylvestri was in shot stopping rather than heart stopping mode. Otherwise, they would have been 4-0 up in 30 minutes.

The first goal came out of the blue from our first meaningful attack. Taylor, presumably miffed at Dallas's perpetual dithering, charged goalwards and was upended. Wood put the penalty away nicely.

From then until 10 minutes into the second half we played some decent football.  MK seemed as shocked as we were at the first goal. The second goal was similar, but this time Taylor shot from just outside the area.

I had to pinch myself when we went in 2-0 up at half time.

Second half we started well but got steadily worse. They took off their CF who looked like he'd been plucked from the U14s and put on Church who is half decent. Yet another cross and he was one of two unmarked waiting to tap in.

An equaliser looked inevitable until they had a man sent off. Looked like a late challenge, but maybe a straight red was a bit harsh. The sigh of relief was short lived and they were all over us for the rest of the game, fortunately their strikers continued to be as profligate as they were early on.
It was at this point that the fans got really annoyed. You could see the panic setting in on the pitch. Presumably under instruction for Uwe, we got everyone behind the ball. When we did win it we gave it away again and again. Against 10 men ffs.

I'll swear we played 10 minutes injury time. During that time we had three opportunities to seal it as they pressed forward. Antenucci missed two and Cook and Bellusci contrived to miss a 2 on 0 when their goalie went up for a corner.

I shouldn't moan really. The ref was shite, but for once most of his bad decisions went in our favour. That doesn't happen very often. If we can play as badly as that and win, then who knows what we can achieve when we play well. Based on what I saw, I think we'll finish above MK.
Great turnout. 6000 fans officially but might have been nearer 8000. Made for a great atmosphere.

Quick reviews of individual players.

Taylor, Cook and Sylvestri all had decent games. First time I've seen Wood. He's a large unit much in the Matt Smith mould, but with a bit more nous. Gave us all a laugh when he tried to breast a cross into the net when a header would have been a more obviuos option. Mowatt was erratic. Byram was poor - his mind didn't seem on the job tbh. Assume there are offers in the pipeline.
Bellusci came on as a late sub and was booed like a pantomime villain. It will be a long time before he is forgiven for his part in the attempted coup.

Onwards and upwards.
smiling badger

We just dont seem to click do we?
Sooo frustrating!
Think that Byram will be on his way soon. Shame and all that but if he's putting in the displays like he has this season thus far then he obviously doesnt want to be here.
Nice reportage FC. Thanks.
Frazier Cranium

Will Buckley in on loan for 3 months.

Decent player.
Rosler's the first manager since Grayson who sees the need for *wide players.

*I don't mean fat bastards

Ours are more of the "wide he do dat?" variety.

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