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Misheard lyrics

In the chorus, Jeff Lynne sings 'Don't bring me down, Belarus'

Several times

Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Queen Under Pressure - 'splits a fanny in two'

In the Four Seasons 'Let's Hang On' they sing

Lets Hang On to what we got
Don't let it go cos we got a lot
got a lot of lovely peanuts
hang on hang on hang on

or it might be 'got a rather lovely penis'



Good thread. When we were at school my mate Andy Ridsdale thought the line in The Who song Baba O' Reilly was "Teenage whistling, s'only teenage whistling" instead of the actual lyric belted out by the Shepards Bush ringleted shouter which was "Teenage wasteland". Easy mistake.........daft bastard! (Ridsdale, not Daltry)

Portaloo - by Abba

Top of my list of favourite tracks about chemical toilets. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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