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Late Doors

Milwall fans in racist abuse allegations shocker.

Several Bolton players reported they were all given racist abuse at the Den with the coppers standing yards away doing chuff all about it. Now Milwall fans are what they are and there can't be a person in football who doesn't know what they are save for a couple of minor celeb media fans they have who periodically wheel out a denial story or two.

What has always intrigued me most is how the coppers down there are seemingly afraid of them and allow them to carry on in the most 80's of ways. Anyone who has been will tell you the same. They carry on with things every other football club has been forced to eliminate years ago. Let's see how this one pans out. Another whitewash i suspect.

They are completely mental. I remember a few years ago at ER they smashed their own coach up.
Late Doors

These days they are a bunch of cartoon hooly caracatures doing an 80's tribute act. Funny as chuff when you see 'em. No, what gets me is the police policy towards them, never seen the like anywhere else at all.

When we were down in London this summer we walked through Docklands i kept looking out for bald stocky tattooed grumpy-looking geezers but saw not one.
Late Doors

'kin 'l turns out it was one of the many little teenage scroats they have down there, Banned now. 13 Year old, hasn't got a clue what he is on about, just repeating some crap his dickhead family must mutter on a regular basis. Must say at that age a stern warning would have been better than a ban for a first offence. Forum Index -> All other football
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