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How frustrating was this. After a run of poor results we put a decent performance in. At times it was hard to know which team was needing a win to go top and which one was playing to ease away from the end of season dog fight.

Ok so it wasn't a polished performance, the lack of effective strike power coupled with a very well organised Middlesbrough defence put paid to any real chance of victory. But for a team that has bought 'well' in January Middlesbrough didn't rock my boat. They looked very ordinary in midfield and did not really trouble Leeds very average defence.

So the frustration is that after a performance like that you go away feeling if Leeds had put their hands in their pockets and lured some proven 'at the end of their career' goal scorer lady luck might have shone down on us and we could have strung a few results together. It has been done by other teams. Thing is you just know they will be back to square one in the next game.

Who was the knob head who decided to house the away fans in the top far end of the West Stand by the way.

Whenever we are on telly it sounds like we are the away fans because of the positioning of the main cameras and mics
Late Doors

Bates did it despite it making no football sense and not being what the fans wanted but since when did that matter to the despicable rancid twat

The game was very enjoyable and compared to recent performances we were at least competitive. Unfortunately they had one man up front who psychologically at least was like two men compared to to our front two who between them mustered the strike power of the average corner flag. Doukara worked hard and did well outside the box but Antenuchi is a waste of space. He has turned into one of those players who thinks he his better than he his. Worse than that he does things to divert attention  away from it. The useless flicks to nobody, the wasted runs, the feigned frustration and constant falling down after being dispossessed all  amount to more than the occasional good thing he does.

Fortunately our midfield kept us in the game and were excellent. That meant Dallas had to focus on holding, closing down and covering leaving him no opportunity to attack.
These are the limitations Evans has to work with. Throw in a brave but misplaced right back, a pretend goalkeeper and a center half who can't defend crosses I think he does alright. He does almost everything I would do on the pitch with what he has got so if he is a big fat useless twat then so am I. All the players he has bought in are better than we had and I am certain he would get rid of a couple more at least given the choice of replacing them. How he would spend serious money I don't know but the stick he gets from the lufc social media intelligentsia is a mystery to me.

Mowatt came on at exactly the right time and added enough for us to get a winner with just a little more penalty area guille. Three players would have got us easily into the playoffs this year. Instead we have another year of treading water.

Best midfield performance I've seen since the Grayson days. First time I've seen Bridcutt and Diagouraga. Impressed with both.

The stats tell the story about our forwards. 16 shots - 2 on target.

Antenucci looks like he wants to go home. That fucking beard annoys me. I bet he's got a manbag as well.

Erwin's a big lad. Not sure whether he's a footballer though. Forum Index -> Leeds
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