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Messy not Messi

The football pitches, rugby pitches, and common ground at the top of Scothall Road are a nice space to walk on with a great view of Leeds and enough scope sand size for Dock Dog to put the hammer down and run like the feckiní wind. I respect the fact that we are lucky enough to have that space and I make sure if DD does his biz I pick it up so is not left for others to see/ tread in. If he starts to squat on one of the pitches I shout him to get off the area as I wouldnít want a footballer to either get his boots covered in dogshit or for him to put his hand or his face in it depending on the severity of a tackle.

The social responsibility I show seems to be lacking in a minority (Iím sure itís a minority) of people who play in Saturday/ Sunday football teams. This is an appeal to anybody who plays football in an amateur team or for anybody who knows somebody who plays in an amateur team. Please stop throwing your empty tubes of Deep Heat and Lucozade Sport bottles and then leaving them for somebody else to clear up you fucking lazy antisocial bastards!

It seems to becoming more common. Of course when I go on there the morning after a match and the place is strewn with them on the pitch sidelines I kick them all onto the pitch so the next team that comes along has to take the time to clear them up. And if anybody from an amateur club saw me kicking the litter onto the pitch and complained at me Iíd fucking kick them as well. If its adults you should know better. If its kids their coach should be making sure they have picked up after themselves at the end of a match.


They're probably the remaining pieces of the beat-up linos.

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