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Merry Christmas

Have an exterminatingly good Christmas everybody!


Frazier Cranium

Thanks, same to you and yours and everyone else on here.

Though these days it feels more and more like Scrooge's parlour BEFORE he met the Christmas Ghosts on here!

Happy Christmas Reg

We're having duck today. Looking forward to a real Christmas Quacker.

Ho Ho Ho
Late Doors

Yes, merry christmas to Reggers and all our  reader. We're going Trad with Turkey followed by sleep. Big news expected in the Queens speech apparently.

Just stuffed the bird here.

Seemed more responsive than normal - but I still put her in the oven.

Merry Christmas to all of you, even Bearing.
Plastic Man

Merry Christmas one and all.

Late Doors wrote:
Big news expected in the Queens speech apparently.

Yes. I think it will be a historical moment.

The first time the phrase, "I can't be doing with all this shit any more" has been said publicly by a reigning monarch.

News much heralded and the bookies ran scared - but didn't happen.

Her Maj did leave the younger royals to meet and greet at Sandringham.

She has always said that she was in the job for life, and I think this was a solemn promise to help restore stability to the monarchy after the abdication.  

I think she will only abdicate if any illness prevented her from performing her duties positively and effectively.

Wotcha talkling about, Wills?
smiling badger

Merry Christmas Tankers!
Hope you are all having a good un!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year lads.

Had my best Christmas for years.

The father-in-law gave me the latest Leeds United calendar and the latest Roy Keane autobiography.

Late Doors

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