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Meet Me In The Bathroom

Really knew very little about this scene, came along as my kids did so even though I've frequented many of the places mentioned the timing was amiss. As a consequence, I really don't have a clue who everybody is. There's a list of characters at the front of the book that's about three or four pages long but after 150 pages or so I've grown tired of flipping back and forth. I'm enjoying it so far but it all seems a bit quaint and twee if drugs and rock n roll can, in as much as it's been done before, drugs, yawn really, we all know what they do and after reading The Dirt.... Kind of interesting that quite a few of them had a few quid behind them, went to good schools and colleges. Like I say, 150 pages in and so far so good.

I wasn't aware that that period and those bands were a 'scene'. Shows how little I know. I always thought around the time of their first album The Strokes looked like they had a stylist re how they looked and sounded. That 'Last Night' song sounded to me like a fair to middling Iggy/Stooges cover band. Total knackers if you ask me.......I know you won't.
Late Doors

Sounds great after reading that pithfork link. Dunno about any "scene" that particularly grabbed me at the time. I do know that The Strokes rekindled my love of guitar indie stuff along with The White Stripes. I loved and stilld do love their first album. Every track is special, A lot of the second also but i go back to the first time and again. Nothing new about middle class kids making great music either

Almost done. It's an enjoyable read but I'm none the wiser about any of it really. It's all direct quotes from those involved, some just listed as musician which really doesn't help. The flipping back and forth, I abandoned that. If you were in on the whole thing I'm sure it's a great read. If you were oblivious to it all before I imagine you still would be after finishing this book.

I stayed in the LES area last year. Remember getting off the shuttle bus and people were saying 'urghhhhh you aren't staying here are you.

Well Iloved it.Didn'tdo any live music but most the bars played Indie music. A real good vibe atmosphere

I've had some good nights down there. It's changed a lot, gentrified I think they call it. It was gentrified back then too but they'd have you believe it was rough, it wasn't. I was there in 92 first time and it was changing then. I've been out with a mate in Sombreros and he was commenting on how it was an open drug market in the 80s so it's all relative.

Like anywhere else though, bad things still happen. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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