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Maurizio Cattelan

I'm not usually overly fond of spending much time staring at art (I'm a bit of an I know what I like and that's just babaka philistine), but I did enjoy my recent jaunt down to NY and a couple of hours spent in the Guggenheim museum in particular.

Unfortunately, I think the main exhibit has just been taken down, but it was essentially a "mobile" of the bulk of Maurizio Cattelan's output hung as the dominant feature in the centre of the museum.

Lots of wacky and thought-provoking stuff and the really great thing about the presentation was that your eye (singular, obviously)  picked out different things depending on where you were on the ramps leading up to the higher levels.

I don't know why, but the pope being hit by meteor (or whatever it was called) amused me far too much.

My trip through the snow to see the dinos at the Natural History museum was ace too.
smiling badger

Sorry, that looks utter rubbish.
Just my opinion, hey.
Went to the Saatchi gallery in that there London and thought the same about 80 per cent of that also. Forum Index -> Reg D'art
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