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Late Doors

Matthew E White

Currently getting plaudits galore in the grown up music press following up his debut "Big Inner" with a brand new album. Got the first on the strength of a sample track i heard on an Uncut CD. As it happens it was the stand out track of the album and it took a while for rest of the very understated tracks to make an impact.

Its a light weight sinewy soul sound with wispy almost talking vocal that often breaks into a more traditional rolling rock groove. As if a thin version of Curtis Mayfield morphs into an early velvet underground sound. Quite intriguing but ultimately lacking in any power understated or otherwise for me.

Down at the front with brother Butts and salad boy lee the sound was a little muddy. His thin vocal seemingly lost and tuneless. It was only when i retired to the bar along with Shaun Si and ants that the sound achieved any clarity and unusually i enjoyed the Brude better from this rearguard position. Mathew and the band were clearly enjoying themselves and expressed that with some endearing chat along with some exemplary musicianship. The lead guitar for example had some fine chops and busy solos  on his Telecaster

It didn't entice me to buy the new album but it was a pleasant evening  of decent music, good company in a great venue as always Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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