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Mandela - the Movie

Got a bloody shock the other day when in the middle of Mrs H watching one of her beloved soaps she mutters 'I'd love to go and see that Mandela film'. Was Mrs H changing in her old age and becoming more of a woman of the world. nahhh in transpired that she fancies Idris Elba and he's down to his underpants in the film (I can see the similarity between Elba and me of course). Well actually I'm bigger, in height that is.

I enjoyed the film to be honest. Nearly 2 and a half hours long and I didn't get numb bum syndrome, so it must have kept my attention.

But I did come away feeling that the film was filmed with rose coloured spectacles to be honest. Very politically correct. yes it did hint on Mandelas adulterous ways and a little bit of Winnies army. But there wasn't the shock element there. More like a before the watershed David Attenborough documentary to be honest.

I'd like to know how much of Mandelas own recollections went into the film.


Though a great man I don't fancy it a bit. As you point out, a little sugar coated, I would like to see the man warts n' all. Who the fuck is going to think ill of Nelson Mandella? Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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