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Manchester pub crawl

After devising and insigating a rather splendid pub crawl route of manchester starting at Piccadilly Station which comprised of excellent drinking establishments such as the Castle, Gullivers, Cirus as well as the not so good such as The Temple of Convenience I find myself on anothr away day to manchester this Friday.

However this time i will be getting off at Victoria Station 'cos I'm off to MENA or whatever its called now,

Anybody got any decent pub recommendations for this nck of the Manchester woods?

I am taking Mrs H so the shitter the better please lol
Nyles O Cranium

we struggled to find any pubs nearby there, other than the one in the station which was grubby but quite alright really.  It was in deepest midwinter when we went so we didn't walk around for long looking for pubs, has to be said
Young Marxist at Tescos

Top of Oldham Street / Tib Street area has plenty of sound pubs (as you've already discovered) Shakespeare round the corner from HMV is right enough as well Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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