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Used to have our cycling club winter breaks here back in the '90s, always had a good craic. Not been since so me n MrsD had a day out there on Saturday. Train effing heaving as usual with York racers catching the transpennine logistic planners out again so it was standing room only to York. Is it really too much to ask for a few extra carriages to be laid on these occasions? Certainly all the platforms en route are capable but no, we keep coughing up above inflation rises to be treated like cattle. Aannnywaayyy, Malton.

Self pronounced food capital of Yorkshire it had its annual food festival last week attracting 20000 visitors apparently. I was not aware of this grandiose claim, anyone else? Seems to me that any old town can announce to the world that they are some where's capital of something with only the merest of substance to back this up. Huddersfield, Yorkshire's capital of bookmakers? Certainly feels like it.

Nice little town actually, Malton that is and neighbouring Norton, essentially the same town separated by the river Derwent and a bridge. Think they have missed a trick though not having a riverside pathway walk. Maybe that would be a safety risk giving the propensity to flood. Happens at least once a year every year not that you would have heard about it, it just happens and folk get on with it. Its a good job the place ain't south of Birmingham otherwise Armageddon would be announced every year.

A walk around the center and then the surrounding housing areas revealed some lovely stone buildings. Quite a lot of newish housing as well but most of it sympathetically stitched in to the traditional stone fabric. A handsome sturdy structure graced the center with imposing elegance but what else would you expect from a building called the Milton Rooms.

We took a walk out on the York rd hoping to get onto the riverbank to no avail but did see an intriguing looking German bar we noted for later. Back into town and a nice melted cheese tomato pesto and olive baguette in the window of a market square cafe watching the fruit stall bloke proudly wearing his Leeds United shirt as he trades his wares. Beer o'clock then so a wander to the heritage pub the blue ball just out of town. An ancient ale house with the smallest bar I've ever seen in pub for a mediocre pint of landlord and it was spell of further ambling on the other side of town. We'd done a complete half circle around the town and found ourselves once again on the York road and headed back into town. Not before calling in to the German bar id clocked earlier. Two hours in the sun sipping Weiss beer, wonderful views across the Hills and a free black forest shot from the German owner flew by. Can heartily recommend the place. It's in the lower level of a small hotel across the road from the much  Talbot Hotel

Back into town and a walk around the center now with the stone work illuminated by the lowering sun and looking every bit the archetypal Dales town despite it not technically being one although it is in Rydale, a pretend Dale. We had four trip advisor recommended restaurants we fancied. Everyone of them respectfully turned us away despite it been early, them nowhere near full and an  assurance from us that we would be out in a hour for the train. Quite disappointing really but guess we should have booked so we caught the 18.13 back to Huddersfield. Fine day out though.

I'll always remember Malton as the place my dad's car broke down every year on the annual pilgrimage to Scarborough.
Late Doors

Now ill always remember it as the placed we finally decided to get married (next year) Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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