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Lucy Ward

I expect some of you know the ins and outs of this, but I'm limited to what I read in the reputable newspapers and the YEP online.

Judge seems pretty scathing about the whole business, and particularly Pearson's role. I had him down as one of the good (or at least less bad) guys. He appears to have behaved, and conducted himself like a twat - or may be he was paid off by Cellino to act as the fall guy.

Either way, sacking her five minutes after Redfern is as good as an admission of guilt in court.

I expect this is going to cost us a few quid. Clubs costs, her costs, plus damages as well I expect. I wonder who we'll have to sell to pay that lot.

Another case in the offing as well.

Frazier Cranium

There are I think 3 more cases due connected to our club and persecuted owner.  There's another employment tribunal involving Gibbs, there's the Macron kit suppliers dispute and I think there's something to do with Enterprise insurance too.  And not forgetting the adjourned Embezzlement case over in Italy which is scheduled for May, I believe.

And the FA are supposed to be ruling on 'Rule K' anytime soon, which has direct bearing on the FL's ban of Cellino.

I know beggar all more than anyone else, this is all common info in the 'public domain', I just hope I've got it right.

I cannae go on like this any more, Captain Kirk'. Forum Index -> Leeds
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