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Two parter - first part was last night and finished at the point when he's biffed the nanny thinking it was his wife, and was wondering what to do next.

Lots of swan munchers on show. Their loyalty to 'Lucky' was -er- 'commendable'. Despite the fact that he'd beaten his wife (grammar school, no breeding), tried to have her sectioned and gambled away all his money, they blamed her the break up of the marriage.

First part was largely factual, second largely conjecture as it deals with how he was spirited away by his chums, who have spent the last 40 years covering up for him.
Nyles O Cranium

Not watched it all yet but was in the Nodding with Approval' category at its quality so far, even with Eccleston's less than convincing posh accent

Second part was last night. Suggestion (and it was only that, presumably the makers were worried about getting their asses sued), that Lucan's 'friends' had him killed as he was becoming a liability.

Interesting insight into the mentality of the super-rich. Their power and influence, their unwritten code of conduct derived from public school, their contempt for anyone without inherited money and their bizarre interpretation of what friendship meant.

They believed that they were born to rule, genetically superior and infallible,

Of course - things are different now.

Frazier Cranium

Good wasn't it?

Not as good as The Great Train Robbery though which was on the other side and concluding part is on now.

What a coincidence that BBC and ITV choose the same night and same time to show programmes about two of the most notorious crimes of the twentieth century.  

Couldn't find either on the planner here.  
Frazier Cranium

The second part of The Great Train Robbery had LOADS of scenes filmed in Leeds.  And there was a couple of daft visual mistakes.

Anyway, for the record, The Adelphi and Hyde Park Cinema were involved a lot in the drama.  Other venues were shot too, in Hunslet and Leeds city centre. It was very good.

I guess the Adelphi must have doubled up as plod's local. I didn't recognise it, but as i haven't been in there for nigh on 20 years, I guess that's no surprise.

Interesting that they chose a pub in Leeds in order to recreate the atmosphere of sixties London.

Maybe all the decent boozers down there have had all the stained glass and mahogany ripped out and been converted to Brasseries full of smoked glass, stainless steel, potted palms and Ipad charging points.

And shit beer. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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