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Love & Hate - Michael Kiwanuka

Saw this lad on the telly doing stuff from his first album and thought he was alright, but cynically thought he might just be this months flavour picked by a record company. Not so! This second album is pretty good and a down payment on what might be a sustained reputation and career. I think the Marvin Gaye comparisons that some people make about him are frankly fucking lazy. He has his own style, great songs, and a talented got-to producer like Danger Mouse* at the controls adding his usual TLC to make it an interesting listen. His guitaring on this has some touches of early Funkadelic albums if you ask me........I know you wont! Michael Kiwanuka is a talent. This album proves it.

*Not the rodent crime fighter of old London Town, totally different bloke. It's just an alias n' that.

Late Doors

Si lent me the album, yeah its growing on me. On at Green Man this tear as well Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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