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Lost City Of Z

Film adaptation coming out soon inspired me to take this down off the shelf again. Story of an English explorer who, having been on several successful expeditions to the Amazon sets off to find a mythical civilization deep within the jungle. It's also the story of the people who went to try rescue the barmy bastard and the people who've subsequently fallen under the spell of the myth of Harrison and gone I to the jungle to try discover just what happened to him.

I thought it was good the first time I read it; I've enjoyed it much more this go round. Conditions in the Amazon make Shackleton's trip to the South polar regions seem like a walk in the park. Well, not quite but i'd have headed to the ice a thousand times before I'd have stepped foot in the jungle. If you're in anyway tempted maybe read it before the film comes out, there's a good chance they'll ruin it. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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