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Lonesome Dove- Larry McMurty

The winner of the 1985 Pulitzer Prize and at over nine hundred pages it's as epic as the journey it describes. The main two characters are Augustus McRae and Woodrow F. Call. Two ex-Texas Rangers (not in the way that silly fecker Chuck Norris was in that awful tv show, but in the way of the original TR's who's job it was to 'civilise' the West and deal with outlaws and Indians that the often inept cavalry couldn't). Hard men who retired into a simple life with their own ranch in South Texas and herded small amounts of cattle and 'liberated', ahem, horses from gangs across the Mexican border. That is until one of their old cowboys returns from a few years away talking about a place called Montana where there is land to be had and a shortage of cattle. Thus begins one last hurrah of an adventure for these old desperadoes and their crew of cowboys as they take a few thousand head of cattle across the big country of Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. A great yarn about a forgotten breed of men. It's rich in characters, story, and the complexities and wonders of life lived in an unforgiving habitat. Funny, tragic, but always compelling. Don't mistake this for some crappy gunfight pulp novel just because it's a western. Its much much more than that. A cracking read.

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