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London Spy

This has the makings of a brilliant series but a warning...

...don't watch it with yer granny (or mother).

The gay sex scene in it (which may I add isn't actually necessary) makes broke back mountain seem like Blue Peter. Of course had it been a couple of women that would have been different.

Worth a watch this one though (apart from the gay sex scene that is).
Late Doors

Watched the first one and yep it looked like a slow burning web of intrigue. Atmospheric and attention grabbing. The sex scene that everybody is talking about (No? just us then) was puzzling not least because of the curious geometry.

Im a fairly na´ve lad when it comes to "that there" with only a modicum of activity centered around a base level of scenarios but I could not fathom exactly what was going on with reference to angle of dangle, trajectory and  the precise location of any letterboxes in relation to any postman.

A few days after watching it my wife turned to me and, with her serious face on, said I never realised gay men could have sex facing each other.

God knows what she had been thinking about
Late Doors

I Know, i though that was the main attraction of it, not having to face each other
Late Doors

Gave up on this shady nonsense last night Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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