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This is a thing Iíve wondered about for as long as I can remember. London, itís a big place right ? with loads of clubs. Iím sure a few people will follow their local team ie the nearest to where they lived in London whilst growing up but from what I can gather the London clubs have fans (probably most) all over the southern counties. So what I want to know is how do Southerners arrive at supporting their London clubs? Is there such a thing as a Hotspot for certain clubs?

I seem to remember someone telling me Stevenage was a Spurs stronghold for instance? How does it work? Finsbury is a massive Arsenal area but as  close to Tottenham as no difference as well? How does that work? Does it lead to agro in towns around London as fans of loads of London clubs clash in the same town. Do all people living in the Sheperds Bush area for instance follow QPR. Do QPR have other strongholds of fans in other places, that sort of thing ?

Good question. Here are a few things to consider.

As you say London, big place. If you move house in Leeds, you go from Leeds to Leeds, If you move in London you can easily go from Watford to Fulham and pass a few on the way. This could explain why you have some people in the south that support north London clubs.
You might have lived in the area as a child, supported the local club then as an adult moved out.

Where i was brought up, the estate as it was was purposely built to house the people from the East End that were bombed out in the war. Those men and women brought their team allegiance with them. This is probably the best explanation i have for pockets of supporters in odd areas. Hampton, for example, is staunch Chelsea.

There is a massive amount of immigrants in London who seem to stick together in areas of London and will support a club based on who knows what. It could be that that club was a great club when they moved here or that the club had one of their nationals in the side when they arrived. As others arrived/were born here, they passed that support on.

London has many clubs, but there were many more. If you supported some club that has ended up in the Blu-tac southern league because it was your most local club, you dont have to look far to find one that plays in a higher league.

PL, I know there are many club rivalries in London, but is there one club that all other fans love to see lose?

Well i know for a fact that Spurs and Fulham hate chelsea. Whether this goes further i dont know. I think these things change over time, i seem to remember chelsea and millwall hating each other but they so rarely meet. I know that in the last six years or so qpr and brentford have not been the best of friends, one chap stabbed in Hampton over such matters. So in answer to your question, other than hating chelsea for being so good and successful, not that i am aware of. Forum Index -> All other football
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