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Live From New Jersey (An ode to Cutsyke)

So there it was on the kitchen work top when I got in one evening. A package postmarked New Jersey, USA. At last! I thought to myself, the Soprano crew have finally recognised my cold blooded violent streak and this is my invite to become "mobbed up" (I know all the lingo me), but it was not a call up to join those fine and upstanding Italian-American entrepreneurs. It was a package from Mr. Cutsyke following my posting about my lack of knowledge re: Aztec Camera. He had burnt me two AC cd's and also thrown in the very wonderful Stoned and Dethroned by The Jesus & Mary Chain, and the also the very wonderful A Happy Pocket album by The Trash Can Sinatra's and last but not least the Unusual Places to Die album by The Bathers.

He had not only the good will to copy the albums, but to also nip down to the post office and pay for them to wing their way over the Atlantic to my home address.

Much appreciated Cuts. Thanks man! Yours is a rock n roll heart. May it beat for a long time my friend.

Hope you like them.

Like Them? They are brill. Mrs. D also thrilled because she got in the car the other day and there was your copy of Stoned and Dethroned which she hasnít heard since she had it on cassette as a slip of a lass at uni. Kin' news to me, I didn't even know she was a JAMC fan. I like that girl more and more every day.

Some great stuff there Dockster.
smiling badger

Thats a real cool thing to do.
The good thing about music lovers and wanting to share good music.
Frazier Cranium

I remember being mocked snidily in Relics record shop in Leeds for buying the Aztec Camera 'best of' CD  . †It's a good CD but I primarily bought it because it had Good Morning Britain on. †I never really understood what's not to like about Roddy Frame's music. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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