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Linda Lovelace

Who's going down?

9 Fulham 34 4 42
10 Stoke 34 0 42
11 Newcastle 34 1 41
12 Sunderland 34 -10 41
13 Aston Villa 34 -12 41
14 West Brom 34 -15 40
15 Birmingham 34 -17 38
16 Blackburn 34 -15 35
17 Blackpool 34 -22 34
18 Wigan 34 -23 34
19 Wolves 34 -23 33
20 West Ham 34 -22 32

For me.

Blackburn would not be loss.

There is a fiver on this.
Late Doors

Why do you and lots of others think the laaarrrveelly "ammers wont go down? Nailed on i reckon, along with Blaggers and, God willing, Blackburn.

Think Wigan have enough to stay up

As it stands

Wonder who Clack's other two might be?

Blackpool, Wigan and West Ham.

Blackpool have Manure and Spurs to play and the other two are just playing shite at the wrong part of the season.

Blackburn, West Ham, Blackpool

would like to see Wolves go down as they have taken over from Stoke as the Prem's shit-kickers.

Would like to see Blackpool stay up as I like Holloway.

sorry Clacks
Late Doors

'kin Blackburn pulled one out of the bag yesterday  

Late Doors wrote:
'kin Blackburn pulled one out of the bag yesterday  

And I didn't play Robinson in goal.

Bollocks to 'em, they can go down now.  
Late Doors

Soz i had to correct the title, i couldn't take any more, Unlike the good lady Linda i suppose.
'ammers have 'ad it, Blackpool too


I had a peer at the remaining fixtures and was surprised to see that West Ham can still pretty much control their destiny as they're facing arguably shite teams:-

Blackburn (H)
Wigan (A)
Sunderland (H)

If they can't blag at least six points from that set, then they'll fully deserve their relegation.

Wolves also has a decent run in, so might get lucky too:-

Baggies (H)
Sunderland (A)
Blackburn (H)

Wigan face a curiously inconsistent mix:-

Villa (A)
West Ham (H)
Stoke (A)

Blackpool has a bastard set of fixtures and they will be doing well to get more than nowt out of this lot:-

Spuds (A)
Bolton (H)
Man U (A)

Blackburn are the next up the list and they face two of their relegation rivals:-

West Ham (H)
Man U (H)
Wolves (A)

Birmingham would need to fuck up royally, but they could also end up with no more points out of:-

Newcastle (A)
Fulham (H)
Spuds (A)

Sunderland, Villa and Newcastle only realistically need to get a point or so out of their fixtures to guarantee safety, so I'm assuming they're clear.

So, if I had to predict, I reckon:-

West Ham

Got to give Blackburn and Blackpool fair dues today, Blackpool more so.  They definitely wanted a result today and fought for everything by all accounts.  Bit bloody nerve wracking for the fans I'd guess!

As for Blackburn, I think both teams probably set out for a draw and both were happy with the result, Manchester United were unlikely to go hell for leather for a win with the Champions league final round the corner.
Late Doors

Still game on, curtains for Blaggers but it looks like Wigan might join them, cant see them getting anything at Stoke. If they do and so too do Wolves at home against safe Blackburn who knows? Maybe Brum would take the drop which would be most gratifying. Forum Index -> All other football
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