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Had a couple of twixmas days in Lincoln. It been twenty years since i last went and wasn't expecting much to have changed. It certainly hadn't up in the old town. The cobbled and apply named steep hill lined with  olde worlde  cottage emporiums takes you up to the immense though jarringly disproportionate  cathedral. Unlike York and Durham it seems brutally out of context with its surroundings. It is magnificent though inside and out.
Nearby is the castle that host one of only four copies of the original Magna Carta, you know, the sacred document that states no man however rich is above the law. Unfortunately it was away on tour, maybe south Africa.

Its hasn't quite got the labyrinth expanse of York or the old and new merger buzz of Chester but still a joy to wander around and along the high street that links old town high on the hill and new town near the river below.

The new town is a plainer area with old red bricked buildings interspersed with the occasional deco gem. Here it takes on a less elegant stance but not without its charm and definitely gas a more local lived in appeal. Unfortunately this is where the town starts to lose the plot and architectural cohesion. Lots of towns have done wonders with their old waterfronts turning derelict faded junk areas of the past into vibrant fresh and contemporary utilitarian areas that link the old with new. Not here though. The whole waterside area is a horrible hotch potch of pedestrian hating random consumer units thrown together in an incongruous mess totally at odds with the rest of the town. I hated it. How can a town get it so wrong?

That said there is plenty to like about Lincoln from a visual, ambient and indulgent perspective. The pubs for a start.

The Strugglers Arms on West Gate is classic ale pub, small, lively, log fire, snug and all about the ale. The Victoria is unspoilt Victorian comfort whilst the Still in the lower town is oak panelled town centred typical Marston.

The Ritz is a Wetherspoons converted picture house and is spoons at its best. Fantastic preserved original art deco furniture, stylish, comfortable and actually very swish and elegant.

The Magna Carta has ace views to the cathedral and is smart enough, just a tad soulless.

Bit of a mixed bag tucker wise. We tried an independent cafe for first day lunch after the two hour slightly traumatic journey over the icy roads between Sheffield and Lincoln. Oliver's I think it was called up the steep hill. A very substandard disappointing steak pie was our reward. They are supposed to be great but they really are not.

We weren't that hungry that night but we found a great little authentic Italian place called L'italiano. Simple Pasta and pizza. My Spaghetti Pescatore was fresh tasty and full of body. The night after we were slightly underwhelmed by Ole Ole a supposedly classy Tapas place. Nowt special, nice enough place and staff but plain bordering on bland dishes.
Great little break all in all

I can confirm that Lincoln's copy of the Magna Carta is currently visiting Washington DC in the library of Congress.

I only know, because I saw it there just before Christmas.

You know, I'm pretty sure I've never been to Lincoln.

Looks quite a nice place. Maybe I'll bring the Magna Carta back with me when I do eventually visit. Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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