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Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Lillyhammer - starring Steven Van Zandt

I think this was on BBC3 maybe a year or two ago - not so sure about whether they plan to show series two but I've been bingeing on Lillyhammer over Xmas on Netflix and I love it.

More a quirky comedy than a gangster drama Van Zandt shows his full dramatic range by recreating Sopranos character Silvio Dante as Johnny Taglione a New York Mobster turned witness who requests to be sent to Lillehammer in Norway (he got the idea watching the 1994 winter olympics).

Most of the dialogue is subtitled in a Borgen/Killing stylee as the vast majority of characters are either Norwegian or like Johnny fellow immigrants

the eccentric locals make the show tick but there are some great cameo appearances from actors like Paul Kaye and Alan Ford in series two

Its quirky, its funny, its like Sopranos meets Fargo meets Borgen meets O Horten

I recommend it - first month free on Netflix - fiver a month after that

Loved the first series. Hopefully it will be back on normal telly so I can see it as opposed to Netflixthingymebob.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

For those of you missing Lilyhammer who were missing Sopranos who were missing Breaking Bad.... I highly recommend the series of the film Fargo on 4od at the moment

Catch it while you can - very very good
Frazier Cranium

I agree, mo'fuckers! Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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