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Suppose anyone that interested would have seen it so no report as such again.  Better line up to start with. Warnock s team with a frilly edge. Thought Varney was terrific, great running and overall movement, why play him wide?  Brown was solid, Mowatt needs a rest and a dietician . Kebe was decent first half but lost his way in the second as did the whole team. To be fair to Leicester they did stitch things up in the second half. Not impressed  with Stewart so far. Can't see what BMcD sees in him yet. Slight, no real pace, not particularly tricky although he looks like he might eventually be a good crosser. We got three and a half years to find out anyway. We could see the scoreline coming after the third chance went begging. Rudy seemed to have rediscovered his shooting boots......unfortunately. Despite that he didn't produce the shocker he displayed at Hillsborough, maybe the "burden" of captaincy was smothering him. Much better captaincy from Ross, led by enthusiastic example at least, the one on one with Kasper could have been slotted in but even the best miss them and i think you've got to give Kasper credit.

Warnock was excellent i thought but despite him anchoring  that area of the pitch the lad Stewart couldn't make the most of the attacking positions he was often in.

Leicester have promised promotion for the last four years and failed, sometime miserably. It looks like they might have finally got there. Maybe a lesson for us Leeds fans eh.

So where does that leave the BMcD? Possibly our finest performance, certainly half for two months. Without Smith Murphy Mowatt Hunt Zailoukas Wooten , you get the picture. How is he going to take us into the next phase? He's going to have to find some blend of old and new to safely see this season out, lay a foundation for next before some replacing of old with hopefully some new summer signings. A center forward and a midfield maker have got to be top priority.

Thought that giving some of Warnock's men a run out was the right thing to do in view of the speculation about discontent in the camp. Players can only be motivated if they think they have a chance of playing.

Timing of subs was bizarre. Not the first time we've given a goal away after bring on a couple of late subs.

Cost me another pint. My mate Phil must have taken about 50 off me over the last twenty years.

Or he would have done if I'd paid him.

It's stating the obvious but the reliance on mcormack for getting us goals is oh so apparent.

Must agree with you over Stewart - very light weight. And he might get to be a good crosser - thing is to whom - where is the target man.

Also not impressed with Kebe to be honest. But it's early days and he may be quite a way from being match fit, I hope!!!

Taking away the wing backs from the Sheff Wed debacle helped a lot for the Leicester game. I thought Warnock had a decent game as well. Sadly Peltier was still picked if only on the subs bench.

As for the way forward - a proven goal scorer to help out McCormack would put us on the right track. Leicester have two - one who scored and one who came off the bench. Beckford in.

I finally watched the game on the box last night.

I thought Warnock and Varney looked good, McCormack is an obvious class above some of those around him. On the balance of what I saw, I reckon we were good enough for a point, if not more.

I've decided I don't much care for the antics of Michael Brown, but I acknowledge that he can be effective, depending on who he's up against.

For those that still get to go to games, it must be hard to get excited about Leeds at the moment. Too bad. Forum Index -> Leeds
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