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Leeds v Bolton

Forza Massimo, Forza Neil, Forza Warnock

Avanti La Premiership

Off to watch Inspector Montalbano to learn a few more Italian words

Late Doors

A strange thing happened on Saturday. I enjoyed a game of football. I mean genuinely enjoyed it like a kid would. Excitement, commitment, pride, involvement and appreciation. I have actually forgotten that watching Leeds united should be an enjoyable Saturday afternoon. Again no recorded details but with so much replay options available these days i might never get back into that groove.

Always great to catch up with MDM, this time in Foleys and then the taps where the last remnants of a once thirty strong Hudders whites contingent were tucked into the corner. Bus up and into the Elland road sunshine.

I'm still not up to speed with who's who yet or indeed the shape of the team but one thing was obvious immediately and that was the absence of the usual midfield trio and an injection of youthful fresh energetic looking white shirts.

And chuff knows what has happened with Stephen Warnock. The "England international" piss take tag now seems almost believable. He absolutely owned that left channel. Might have known he'd get injured though. Something's will never change at ER i guess.

Last year i thought Pearce was outstanding against the backdrop of shite around him. This year his limitations are being exposed and i am taking that as a sign of better players around him. Nonetheless i like the lad and his attitude and the truth is not one player let themselves or us down.

What about the keeper? Fantastic, brave, decisive on crosses and three game saving stops. We were on the back foot for large parts of the game either side of our goal but all the players showed strength and bottle wanting the ball and trying to keep possession. At no time did we panic. A couple of hoofs came but only when it really was the best option.
The other lad at center half personified  the above and the front two never stopped running. It wasn't quite coming off between them but they are clearly good smart footballers.

Bolton were testing us down our right exploiting our vulnerability there but Wooton did ok in a strange position for him. Didn't offer any attacking option but he did alright supported by the CH and the midfield. The midfield were terrific. I think we might have actually found ourselves some footballers. Sloth was a revelation to me the way he picked up balls under pressure and brought it forward. They all worked their knackers off none more so than Mowatt. I thought he was sluggish last year but not on Saturday. More importantly as the game wore on he got better which just delighted me.

Bolton were not brilliant it has to be said but still had some good players and had a game plan to get at our weaknesses. That just made it more important that we worked hard and kept concentration which is exactly what we did

I'm not one for dissecting a game into individual performers. It's a team game and I'm always more concerned about that. We stuck to trying to play and keep possession even when it wasn't coming off. There was some brilliant running and movement and everybody from front to back closed down and defended brilliantly. The cohesion we lacked will surely come in time.

Jeez i need a lie down .
smiling badger

Nice one, thanks LD.
Nice to hear some good positives coming from a game goer for a change. Long may it last!
Glad that you got to see a game a actually enjoy it.
Lets hope for more of the same against Huddersfield.
Or is that the usual wishful thinking.. Forum Index -> Leeds
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