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Law Change

I've thought about this for a while and am generally of the opinion that meddling is usually not a good idea.


In the indoor version of the game I play/referee here, if you give away a penalty - for whatever reason - you are automatically assessed a yellow card (obviously if it's a nasty incident, the following doesn't apply).

If the penalty is scored, your team stays at full strength, the yellow card stands and, if you receive another (or if this one was your second) then you're off.

If the penalty is saved, the yellow card still applies, but your team plays a man down (which will be the fouler, unless it is the GK, in which case another player is designated) for a fixed length of time or until the opposition scores (whichever is shorter). If the "penalty" card was a second yellow, you play short for the rest of the game.

I'm thinking of the Dawson penalty against Fulham at the weekend. It was definitely a penalty and, according to the letter of the law, Dawson had to go. This seems harsh to me, even if the players know the score.

Would it be better for the game and both sets of paying spectators (well, Spurs for sure, eh?) for this particular infraction to be a "conditional" yellow card offence as described above? I'm not sure how long any "sin bin" should be, but it does seem a more appropriate solution.

Any opinions?

Sounds fair enough to me Grind

I think what irritates me most is that, had Dembele scored (he actually did stay on his feet after losing Dawson and got a shot off), Dawson might not even have got a yellow card. Instead, Spurs go a man down and the penalty was converted.

Dembele, to his credit, did try to score (probably because he's still proving himself at Fulham?), but from a pure game management standpoint, he should've felt the tug and immediately gone to ground for the double whammy.

And they want to discourage diving?


I'm just trying to put off going out and dealing with the bloody snow now but.............

If a defender is guaranteed to be shown a straight red for denying a clear goal scoring opportunity, why is a diving attacker in the same circumstances only ever shown a yellow for "simulation?"

Again, it only encourages attackers to behave like balsa wood tarts.

* Do I really have to go outside? *

can't understand why football authorities are against the sin bin. seems to work well in Rugby.

Marlon King would spend every game in there mind. Forum Index -> All other football
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