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Lasses football

The BBC and the FA are really pushing it. Televised games and regular items on the internet from the beeb.

Rachel Yankee a lass footballer [as you all know] has just equalled Shilton's England caps total, well done Rache.

Watch some of the games if you can, OK it's not PL but it's watchable with not a little skill. Few babes laking n' all, not that that's a draw.

Rachel Yankee
an unfortunate name for a Brit.

It's better than watching most of the shite served up at ER last season.

I've heard a lot of the team are scissor sisters.  

It's quite nice to see our year 6 girls choosing to play football at playtime, this wouldn't have happened pre Christmas but they have taken part in a couple of tournaments and seem to have taken to it.

*jumpers for goalposts*

* training bras for goalposts *
Late Doors

I enjoy it, there i've said it. They play it with honour and respect and if this isnt patronising, a corinthian spirit. Lots of skill on show, maybe not as fast or dirty as blokes footy but that's no bad thing. Forum Index -> All other football
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