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LA54 Berlin

Here's the blurb about the location.

The industrial buildings of the former George Patzenhofer brewery on Landsberger Allee, finished in 1877, became a home for international artists and studio spaces after it closed as a brewery in 1990.

It's address is Landsberger Allee 54, this is where they presumably get the name LA54 from.

First thing is, you could go by the front of this place and never know it's there. As we were actually looking for it, we saw it. We were also helped by the fact that as we approached the gate a man on a bicycle rode out of the gate. Doesn't sound to remarkable, lots and lots of people ride bikes in Berlin. Well, firstly, this chap was wearing a bowler hat, knee length trousers and yellow and black striped socks. Again, this may not be too odd, one of the delights of Berlin is the many forms of peoples attire. No, the main 'giveaway' with this chap was that under his saddle there was a speaker that was producing music (still not it), that he had a trailer fitted to his bike (still not it) and on that trailer was a toilet (that's it) and a large stick with a toilet brush on the top of it (that's also it with more it).  You don't believe me, do you? Flush this!!

And so, waving him goodbye, we walked through to the building. It again, took some hunting but we found the entrance. We were immediately met but a staircase that really didn't look safe in parts, had a hand rail made from old bits of wood and did not have an inch of wall that did not have some decoration on it. We climbed to the very top to then work our way down. What becomes apparent is, unlike Tacheles, this is not only a place for artists to exhibit their works, they live there too. Despite some information that we had received that it housed multiple events 24 hours a day it seemed that only one artist was 'open'.  This didn't really matter as just the experience of moving around the building and looking at the stuff on the walls was great in itself. The artist who was open was a real treat though.

I think we worked out that he shared his studio with a Japanese lady, she may have done paintings and sculpture but he certainly did do sculpture. We asked if it was ok to look round, take photographs, ask questions and generally get in the way. He said yes. He agreed, excellent!. He had some stunning pieces in there, most notably these sculptures of boats with weird people in them. I'm afraid that the pictures i took just not do justice to them.

These were fairly big but he had many other bigger works in there, he continued to listen to Prince on his stereo, smoke his rather large hand rolled cigarette (smoking chocolate) as we walked around and marvelled at it all.

We left him to it offering him many thanks. As i turned around just before i left the room i saw him, smoking, looking at the piece he was working on, his left hand was fluttering in the air like a butterfly as he was finding the vibe to continue working. It was pure class. This is him.

Tank Girl

he was rocking to Diamonds and Pearls.

He was ace, and the ships were stunning, like something out of lord of the rings.

i spotted his smoking chocolate within moments. old habits die hard
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Cool! Nightmarish barges twisting along the River Lethe taking their passengers to Hades perhaps???
smiling badger

His sculptors and the boats looked brilliant.
Seeing some atrtists and there work, make dead jealous at times. Forum Index -> Reg D'art
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