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Kurt Vile - B'lieve I'm Goin Down

LD and Gambo (Butts) introduced me to this fella's last album which I really rate. This is his latest offering. The geetah is a bit more down home than the last album but I like it a lot. A really nice vibey affair. Worth a listen, even if he does resemble the little lass from the test card on the album cover.

Late Doors

Indeed, Si has had the new album on in the car recently and it sounds great. Off to see him at the Poly or whatever its called these days soon
Late Doors

Another recent second visit to a new venue. This time Stylus in the university. Not after a pleasant hour in the adjacent student ale bar. Good selection of beers around the 3 pound level, ridiculously young looking clientele in an expansive comfortable floor plan but a couple of horrifically sized tv screens showing the football at ear screeching volume.

Got into the actual venue just as the band came on, perfect timing but it meant we were at the back. Again, not a problem as a full on rock n roll onslaught wasn't expected. Kurt vile ploughs a more considered  furrow. Its very much his own. Like other unique singer songwriters he has created his own musical world, instantly recognisable and deceptively casual. There are layers and depth to the surface ambling and laid back  grooves. His voice teeters on narrative rather than singing but its such a tuneful narrative that often breaks into stunning lyrical prose. Casual almost throwaway declarations or observations that jar the conscious. The lad is a major talent for me.

Live, I have to say he doesn't really add anything to his repartee in the way great live performers do. Its a good gig but it doesn't elevate the songs in the way I love live music to do. Its all very competent and enjoyable. Kurt's finger picking acoustic work is terrific but his solo stuff tends to drift. The big hitter songs with the band from childish prodigy and the latest two albums are instant crowd pleasers.

Lots of love for him of course from the crowd It's just that ill stick to the albums in future, its were I'm most comfortable with him and I suspect he is too Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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