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Kris Akabusi Erotic Short Novels

nicked from elsewhere

Akabusi scaled the walls of the £756,000 Sussex mansion with all the stealth of a gekko on a Mallorcan shower wall. AS luck would have it the window was open. He dropped in and slipped out of his dungerees and let the cool air caress his polished ebony skin.

The house was quiet. He looked into one room and saw the sleeping Peter Andre - without the wig and wax on his face he was rather beautiful. But Akabusi wasn't into arses. Not today.

He heard a noise coming from the bathroom. He ran along the landing, his giant cock swinging in the air like Saddam on Youtube. He looked into the bathroom and saw a mad little f**ker, big as a barrel and blind as a bat leaping up and down in some boiling water.

"Akabusi!" said a voice behind him. "Stop looking at my son with your cock out".

Akabusi slowly turned around and saw Katie Price in front of him - wearing nothing but a Juicy Couture camisole and the slightest glistening of her ample clunge.

As ever Akabusi's cock became harder than the Guardian cryptic and proceeded to bang her tits off as Harvey ate a bag of Prawn Cocktail crisps from the floor that Akabusi had brought just in case.

Before Akabusi left he wiped his now dying cock on Harvey's afro, bent down to the prone Jordan, who lay liked a painter's radio in the moonlight, and whispered "Awooga" in her ear and patted her on the fanny.

The End

Is there a link to more because that was excellent?

* Does the laugh. *


some more stuff on here
Late Doors

 Weird but funny, but erotic ? *checks downstairs* no

Late Doors wrote:
 Weird but funny, but erotic ? *checks downstairs* no

Yeah, but you're all but retired.

If it's meant to be funny I don't get it. And as for taking the piss out of a disabled kid?????? If the person who wrote it is an adult they should be ashamed of themselves. Total rubbish. I'm surprised at some of the reactions on here to it if I'm honest.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

The internet is a weird dark sick place

I've been following a guy called Thomas Sheridan who is mainly sound for his work on psychopaths, Savile and his connections to Sutcliffe and the Moors Murderers

This afternoon I stumbled across the transcript of the tape recording Hindley and Brady made of their murder of Lesley Ann Down

I don't think I'll ever be the same again

The internet should be a forum for the enrichment and education of mankind

Some of the hate and conspiracy theory filth I see on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube makes me wish it could be uninvented sometimes

As someone of Jewish Irish extraction the stuff I see about Holocaust denial, anti-semitism, casual racism and equating Israel with the Nazis (who incidentally were misunderstood good guys!), flat Earth theory, stuff about labelling people satanist paedophile zionazi lizards on the basis of NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE makes me depressed
Late Doors

That's folk for yer
Late Doors

A recent study has found evidence that the first signs of oncoming Alzheimer's is a warped sense of humour.

Now where did I put that laptop.

An increasingly dark or twisted sense of humour could be an early warning sign of impending dementia, according to experts.

The results have appeared in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, which was carried out by University College London.

I heard a good joke about Alzheimer's but I can't remember it. Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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