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Killing Joke - Leeds Poly

Or Leeds Beckett University (But it did bring back a lot of memories of those poly days).

Didn't know what to expect here. Can't say I am a massive Killing Joke fan but this concert was really very good. They have that bone numbing deep base sound that goes right through you and produces a ringing in your ears for days. A liberal sprinkling of their more famous tunes which I am glad to say included Psyche. I left the Poly pleasantly surprised.

I must say that Jaz Coleman does look an imposing figure on stage. Dressed in what today would be called a black onesie with a spider effergy on the back but I suppose was a boiler suite he looks like a cross between Bo Selecter and Alice Cooper Very menacing with his arm actions thrown in.

Well worth a viewing if they are at a show near you.
Frazier Cranium

Enjoyed it too, the sound was very good.

Been playing their 'Democracy' album recently but haven't heard their new one 'Pylon' which is reportedly very good indeedy.
smiling badger

Been working on a site this week and some guy there is of to the Roundhouse to see them this weekend, awaiting his report. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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