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Kiddie Fiddling

I've been quite shocked about this Barry Bennell. I'd never heard of him and was unaware that he'd been put away for abusing young footballers. Surely the FA should have acted earlier as they must have known there was a possibility that there were other victims.

I guess football, with young men desperate for success, spending time away from their parents, is a perfect environment for a sexual predator.

Depressing really. I'm not sure where Junior football stands now with DBS checks, but they need to make sure their house is in order.

Tip of the iceberg. There were very recent  times when these things were better kept quiet for the sake of the club, the family, the church etc. Unfortunately that left victims to try to self analyse and find coping mechanism to deal with inevitable affects such as self harm, sexual confusion, substance, alcohol, porn addiction.

These evil predators need weeding out and dealing with as do those that cover their crimes up.

The Church, hundreds of offenders still at large.

Leeds now implicated along with Blackpool
Late Doors

I don't think anything has shocked me more recently than the scale of child abuse in this country. Frankly and shamefully I thought it was isolated incidents by a few genuinely sick people that given the choice would not be attracted to children but can't help themselves and need help. As a kid I was always with adults in Football training, cricket practice, Tennis coaching, Youth clubs etc and never encountered a single issue. Seems I was very lucky.

It obviously happening on a huge scale in all aspects of society. Except with MPs, Peers, Royalty and aristocracy it appears where thankfully all allegations have been dismissed as unfounded agitating nonsense despite hundreds of claims. Anyway I digress, this is way bigger than political bias but no suprises Leeds United are now in the frame eh

It's truly evil, no expense should be soared into investigations. People who come forward should be protected. Anyone proven guilty given the toughest sentences

These bastards thrive on power, threats and fear. Get it into the open by giving kids a channel to speak out and victims a chance to come forward with dignity. Make it so that these predators dot get an opportunity or a hiding place. But chuffing hell, what a sickening state of affairs we have here and thankfully it seems we are at least trying to do something about it. Let's hope it continues Forum Index -> All other football
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