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Late Doors

Kes, West Yorkshire Playhouse

First the Book, then the Film and now the play, afternoon matinee at the WYP again such is my empty knackerknob wasted life indulging in nostalgia

anyway I suspect we all know the story or if you don't how was Pluto these last fifty years ?. Just two actors, one playing Billy the other brilliantly playing the rest of the cast including the narrator and Billy from the future cleverly  woven into the script.

Just about one hour long the play captures every bit of the stories duality. The harsh mining town culture with Billy's love for the bird and what it represents. Fantastically and sensitively delivered, beautifully emotive, socially and historically compelling and of course ultimately very very sad. A Fine play

Did they ever do a Kes 2?

I'd love to do one now. The film showing how Britain (or that part of it) has changed in that time mingled with how the characters grew up.

I have Billy as the 'never held a job down' chain smoker everyone knows but doesn't want to be his friend
I had his brother as someone who came out!

Would be a great film to do, full of social inuendos

They could re-use the flicking the Vs thing as the poster too.

I'll have to watch the film again sometime.
Late Doors

I have Billy down now as some kind of TV Nature Celeb along the lines of that prick on Springwatch who thinks he's some kind of Brit Pop icon.

Our Jud woud prolly be posting all our yesterdays on some Leeds United Forum now Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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