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Julian Wilson R.I.P.

He was that nice old boy that used to wear a hat and interview trainers/owners/jockeys in the winning enclosure isn't he?
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

My condolences brother Dock

One of those voices and faces you grew up with back in the day

He was one of the old school. I was watching Alan Lee from The Times on The Sunday Forum (Great programme on the AtTheRaces channel, every week at 11am. Watch it, I know you wonít) and he said the Ďcontactsí books of some newer journalists are getting thinner and thinner due to them relying on info posted on social media rather than getting right to the source of a story with the real movers and shakers in racing. Iím sure itís the same in other areas of journalism.

Even I remember him - one of the many voices in my head from my youth.

RIP horsey man.

Him and Peter O'Sullivan were the beeb's racing double act - but without any jokes.

Seemed like a nice chap and used to drop the occasional hint when he thought that something dodgy was going on with a horse.

Must admit I thought that he was dead already.  Forum Index -> Sink or Swim
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