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Joy Division

Documentary on BBC4 at 9:00 pm tonight.

Interviews with surviving members and some 'previously unseen' clips.

Probably not Hook and Sumner in same room at same time though.

Rumoured to be entertaining.
Frazier Cranium

Probably more entertaining than some of their tracks!

Always wondered whether the name was ironic, given the nature of their music.

More of a New Order man myself but concede that they were 'hugely influential' - as they say in the classics.
Frazier Cranium

Yeah.  I got into them just as LWTUA came out, and in those days if you liked a track enough then you hunted out the rest of a band's catalogue.  I didn't LOVE JD but I did like them a lot.  Always preferred Closer to Unknown Pleasures, so I knew I wasn't eclectic enough because everyone always said U.P. was their best.

Still love LWTUA but New Order I prefer, and I got into them from day one which sort of made me feel a bit more genuine about following them

I think Joy Division are one of the most overrated bands of all time. New Order Low Life and Brotherhood are a bit special though.
Frazier Cranium

Great programme.  Depressing as hell but still.
Late Doors

I've not watched this yet but have got, watched and read about just about everything else the band have done. Suffice it to say i don't think they are overrated

Obviously I'm massively influenced by the fact I was 18 when they broke post punk in the late '70s about 30 mile away from where I lived. This was a band and singer straight out of my mind  who had experienced and seen the same things I had then conjured up some fiercely exiting music to express their reaction to it all. Not just me but millions like me all roughly in the same space. That's the cultural impact of Joy Division.

Musical its all down to taste but they took the stripped back bare base of rock music like punk did and built their own world of stark, dark dynamic energy and melody on it. Lean and precise, vibrant defiance of the anguish around them and Ian C himself. They came as if rock n roll had been expecting them and they arrived bang on cue. You either dig it or don't, no probs but to me they have been in the top three bands of all time and both the other two were chuffing mancs as well. Love New Order as well
Frazier Cranium

Big fan of Sad Cafe then eh LD?
Plastic Man

This morning  Radio 5 did a short feature on the history of the Conservative Party. Perhaps surprisingly, they used a Joy Division track to back it. (I'm pretty sure it was "Love will tear us apart" but it's slipped my mind for the moment.)

And the reason for this odd choice?

Apparently Ian Curtis voted Tory in the 1979 general election in protest at Jim Callaghan's Labour Party.

In life there are some things you wish you had never found out.

Probably why he topped himself.
Plastic Man

I just watched this. At the outset, I will declare that Joy Division is one of my favourite bands.

If you've a modicum of interest in Joy Division, this is worth 90 minutes of your time. I think there's about 3 weeks left on the iplayer.

I've always had doubts about how proficient Joy Division were playing live. The live portion of the album "Still", which was recorded at Joy Division's last live performance at Birmingham Uni, is petty dreadful. While I appreciate that it was never intended to be recorded for sale, a lot of it is badly muffled, and probably the best they could salvage fom the recording, despite extensive re-egineering.

This programme did nothing to dispel my doubts.

My mate Grant was at that performance. Leeds fan too. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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