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Late Doors

Jon Richardson, Leeds Grand

In my top five current comedians no problem. I love his insular angst about everything ranging from Tidiness, punctuality right up to world politics. He's a bloke cut out of the same cloth for me i like to think.

A mix of still youthful naivety with the weary exasperation of an old man. Comedy wise he's on another level, self deprecating, wry off kilter annoyance with just about everything saving the big resonating laughs for bloody Leicester City and berating his wife for not filling the dishwater in the optimum most economical efficient  way. I should Coco as well. What's the point of having one of you're going to put the dishes in the wrong way round. You might as well let the dog lick them clean.

Not short of good old fashioned toilet humour as well but with a fresh twist .

Top lad and a Leeds Fan to boot although he didn't mention it
Plastic Man

He's clearly an intelligent lad, but as you say, self-effacing

He seems to be getting a fair amount of well-deserved media exposure at the moment.

My friend Hilary is his auntie. She's quite funny as well.
Late Doors

Bring her to the next Reg fest, i would like to meet her Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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