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Late Doors

John Murry, Gullivers, Manchester.

Couldn't get to his Brudenell gig so went over to Mancland the following night to a new venue for us in the Northern Quarter. Had a few ales in and around before as well. The Piccadilly Taps was alright, basic, cheapish good ale but christ almighty, ONE pot NO urinals for a pub full of ale swigging blokes ????. The other places in the Northern Quarter weren't much better either. Used to be alright this part of town but it just seems to me to be cheapened and full of new pretence. Wouldn't even let us in one bar because Ants had shorts on, The Kosmonaut. Port St ale house was soulless and the ale selection not a patch on what it used to be.

Gullivers is a straight up boozer with a small concert room upstairs. About a hundred people including John's friends and this is part of his problem but also part of his appeal. Graceless Age is one of the best albums of the last decade, no question for me. John himself a real talent with a no compromise quality about his music which I love. He's clearly had his problems in the past but seems now to have settled in Ireland but it's been over a year now and he doesn't seem to have moved on from the last time I saw him in the Fox n Newt. His solo sit down set almost identical in format with precious little new stuff. Only one new song caught the ear, something about death row prison and the rest were either covers, throwaway songs or some he almost begrudgingly  pulled from Graceless Age. Yes the resonant Acoustic playing was there, his rich deep vocal and unique style but he seems too concerned mumbling about drugs, putting the word fuck into every  lyric and having private chats with his mates in the audience. Not good enough, he needs to get himself an ace producer, some quality studio time and put the hours in. He is a special musician and needs to do himself justice. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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