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Frazier Cranium

John Grant

Got to listen to two JG albums.  i like his voice and his writing, even though some of the songs remind me of Richard from t'Carpenters! tryyryo.gif

Anyone got PIL's latest?  i've heard poor reports.
Late Doors

Is this a JG Thread or a PIL thread? i get confused sometime

I think his voice isnt as good as it was. I dont think he is looking after it as well as he should. That Jools Show a couple of weeks back confirmed it for me. Lovely songs though, new album sounds a continuation of the last. Ill let you know at Xmas when MrsD opens her pressies.

Everytime i hear that latest single i hear three or four other songs in it. Ian Dury, Bowie, Julie Andrews and something else. Dont know if that is genius or plagerism but its a great song Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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