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Like Sheeps  i also had one of the best Christmas days for a long time and a great three days in Jersey. MrsD's sister lives there  so her, MrsD and i spent Xmas eve, day and Boxing Day together. She had decided not to go with her boyfriend and his family and mates to Tenerife so we got the Flybe flight and an ace too good to miss bargain in the Radisson to spend it with her. We could have stayed in her little flat of course but this deal we got was too good to miss. Look at this view from the window.

Monday night we took the bus to the other side of St Hellier bay to At Austin. A few drinks in some great old unspoilt pubs and a truly fab special meal in The Salty Dog. An oriental prawn starter, fresh meaty sweat sour and saline. Sea Bass crispy skinned and soft  subtle flesh, if i hadn't ate it i could have slept with it. The bus  back across the bay was chocca block full of pissed Partying kids singing, shouting, swinging on the rails and carrying on like demented little devils. Had they been working class kids of course they would have been drunk hooligans but as they were all well to do posh white boys and girls they were hi spirited revellers. They were fine and respectful if a little in my face for comfort

Xmas day in Jersey is a traditional ice cold plunge into the sea for many and a spectacle to behold for the less adventurous and  delicate. Hundreds gathered at Quaisne Bay(pro Weeny Bay) on the East side of beautiful St Brelades bay .

The sea looked icy cold in the distance against the angry looking grey sky as they gathered at the sea edge. Incredibly the sun shone through almost surreally for twenty minutes as the throng frolicked and splashed in what must have been nigh on freezing water. Madness.

Then a warming welcome in the Smugglers Arms  run by a Huddersfield Chap apparently (Dogs welcome of course)

Sis picked us up later and took us to her lovely little flat where we spent the rest of the day drinking, beer, champagne, wine, listening to music chatting, opening presses and devouring a beautiful trad Dinner.  She did us proud it was wonderful. We spent the rest of the night stupefied on the couch as her old music got louder and louder. Lou Reed's Transformer album finished the music before we switched the Royal Family on.  MrsD and Sis looking at each other lovingly singing perfect Day before they both crashed out on the settee leaving me to witness the Disappointing Royal Family on TV.

We got a taxi Back about Half eleven to round off an ace Christmas day.
Boxing day was good as well despite us letting a credible draw turn into a 3-1 deficit in the space it took for us to get through the Hotel door and into our room. So a  consoling walk out to the old castle in the bay as the tide was out was in order.

Evening came and the three of us had a few drinks in St Hellier including the wonderful pubs, The Adelphi,  Prince Of Wales and the perfect Lamplight pub. The meal was a  laugh. Some Posh burger place next to the Royal Yacht Hotel run or at least staffed by East European types who i have to say were the rudest, worst Restaurant staff ive ever seen. It didn't matter, we'd all had an ace time and even laughed at the surly po- faced waitress as she rolled her eyes while i took slightly too long sussing the wine out. I looked back at her and I swear for a brief moment i was Joe Pesci in the Good fellas pulling his gun out and shooting the kid in the restaurant. She was  unbelievably hostile and impatient.

A last round of drinks in the Lamplight saw the night off and indeed  a perfect three festive days.

Jersey is ace. I've been a few times now since sil moved there, It reminds me of England 40 years ago in many ways. Regimented Licensing hours, Independent town centre shops, respectful well behaved polite society of all walks, Great old pubs enjoyed by every strata of society, pound Notes, Public transport that you have to organise around, not the other way. Most of all it seems untouched by pretension and fad despite the great wealth that is there. It seems to know what is real and what should be kept whilst still having an eye on progress and development. All that of  is enhanced by some wonderful countryside, a great climate, fab agricultural produce and of course a  coast line as good as anywhere in the world.  If someone said i had to live there you wouldn't find much of a protest  let's put it that way

Finally, a half-decent Christmas Jersey. Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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