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Jeremy Thorpe - Dead

Always looked like a racing tipster to me.

Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Theres a very funny about sketch out there by Peter Cook as the high court judge at the Scott attempted murder trial - did it for the Secret Policemans Ball

Cook that is - not Thorpe or Scott

How do you like your eggs done?

Grind wrote:

I get that. Comedy, its the elixir of life. It really is. I'd do a laughing emoticon if the fucking thing would let me.

*smashes monitor with hole punch*

Sadly, I don't remember much else about Jeremy from my youth - he was certainly treated as a figure of fun at school - which would hopefully be frowned upon in these slightly-more-enlightened days? Maybe. Maybe not.

Obviously it was meant as another of my puerile jokes, but it probably says more about me, even though I did hesitate before posting it.

Sorry to and RIP Jeremy Thorpe. Forum Index -> Sink or Swim
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