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Jawbone - Original Score by Paul Weller

A soundtrack no less. I'd guess he's been approached to do this kind of thing before, but this isn't a token song. He's written and arranged the lot. The opening instrumental is over twenty one minutes long, and then you get six other tracks. The most notable is named after the boxer in the film called: 'The Ballad of Jimmy McCabe' which if I were a betting man (leave it) I'd predict is going to become a massive favourite of Weller fans.

The film is written and stars Johnny Harris (one of his most memorable performances was as Lol's scumbag of a father in This is England). There's a great passage in the liner notes about how he got to know and work with PW.

The video for 'Ballad' is on YouTube and it has clips from the film which looks worth a watch to me. As for the album, I don't know if its worth 9.99, but then I'm not a massive fan of listening to film scores outside of their intended medium.

But that said its still worth a listen and hats off to Paul Weller for keeping on changing and exploring other musical styles. I love the man's music and always will. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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