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James - Manchester Arena and Leeds Arena

A double header of my favourite band kicked off with their concert at GMEX on Friday night. A few beverages on the train followed by a mini crawl of Manchester lesser favoured establishments meant I was nicely oiled for the concert.

And it didn't fail to impress. A lot of new stuff in the set but this is their best album in years so that wasn't a problem.

So some will say 'well wasn't leeds' a repeat then. No!. James are not like that. Yes there were some of the same tracks but they also did a lot of different stuff as well. And dare I say it the Leeds venue is so much better. You are up close and personal wherever you stand. They did Sometimes and it was absolutely brilliant. In fact this will rank up as one of my all time favourite concerts.

I say it all the time but James are well worth a viewing if you get a chance. They do put a lot of effort in to their gigs.
Late Doors

Agree though I've not seen them for a couple of years at least. The big Arenas are not for me although they are one of the few bands I would pay out for and was tempted by the Leeds gig. New album sounds ace H. Will get it eventually then maybe go see them live again after I've digested it Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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