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James Last Dead

James Last has not lasted any longer.

I went to see him and his orchestra perform with my Dad about 35/40 years ago.  My Dad was a fan of his. The performances were strangely entertaining - probably due to his commitment and energy to entertain the people who had come to watch the show.

The shows I saw he gave contemporary music the orchestral treatment.

RIP Hansi

My dad was a big fan.

But the most amusing story about James Last was regarding Peter Barnes. My old man came home one day weighed down with loads of James Last albums he eagerly was going to record. 'Where did you get them from' I asked him. 'Oh that new signing, Peter Barnes, he's a big fan'. LOL
Frazier Cranium

Shame that Barnesy carried all his albums during Leeds games  Nice bloke though, I interviewed him earlier this century.  And Barnes Forum Index -> Sink or Swim
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